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What is ?

Turnkey system for tracking, locating, managing and navigating vehicles, boats, aircraft and other moving objects in real-time, with the ability to re-create and replay any part of the days activities for all or just a specific mobile.
  Software application developed for the Microsoft WindowsTM operating system platforms, which shows the location of mobiles on the computer screen on a variety of geo-referenced digital maps.
  Hardware solution for a wide variety of communication platforms allowing the system to operate efficiently in remote areas with non-existent communication infrastructures as well as areas with very good communications coverage.
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How can help?

 Monitoring vehicle safety using Corridor zones and Alarm zones.
Preventing collisions using user-definable Safety Circles.
Emergency or distress alarms.
Navigation to Nearest, Next Nearest or Furthest vehicle to/from given location or other object, showing vehicle speed and heading, distance to selected location and estimated time of arrival (ETA)
Notification of proximity to user-nominated checkpoints along a specified route.
Analysis of previously recorded information, re-creating of  whereabouts and generation of reports.

How does work ?

Vehicles are equipped with a communications device (two-way radio, mobile phone, satellite phone, HF radio, mobile data terminal).
The vehicle communications device is integrated with or connected to a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver by a purposely built modem.
A Tracking office is equipped with a compatible communications device, connected to a computer on which is installed.
Vehicle GPS positions are sent to the Tracking office upon receiving requests via the communications device from or when triggered by the hardware settings or invoked by the vehicle operator.

Who uses ?

United Nations Relief Organizations
United States Government Agencies
Emergency Services
Security Guard and Patrol Companies 
Fire Brigades
Mining, Oil and Gas Companies
Transport Companies
Private boat and 4 Wheel Drive users
and more...